Article 7

Proportionality and abuse of process

1.   The measures, procedures and remedies provided for in this Directive shall be applied in a manner that:

a.   is proportionate;

b.   avoids the creation of barriers to legitimate trade in the internal market; and

c.    provides for safeguards against their abuse.


2.   Member States shall ensure that competent judicial authorities may, upon the request of the respondent, apply appropriate measures as provided for in national law, where an application concerning the unlawful acquisition, use or disclosure of a trade secret is manifestly unfounded and the applicant is found to have initiated the legal proceedings abusively or in bad faith. Such measures may, as appropriate, include awarding damages to the respondent, imposing sanctions on the applicant or ordering the dissemination of information concerning a decision as referred to in Article 15.

Member States may provide that measures as referred to in the first subparagraph are dealt with in separate legal proceedings.

Suitable Recitals

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